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                                      ​Welcome to Canny Canines

A very warm welcome to Canny Canines Dog Training Centre. We hope you will find all of the relevant information you need here, and will enjoy flicking through the photos and following us via social media. We have everything to help you and your Dog, including Training and Activity classes, 1-1 Behaviour Advice We look forward to welcoming your dogs at our new onsite Day Care Facilities coming soon.

Your dogs nutrition is also very important to us, we offer our own carefully formulated complete dog food and training treats alongside other market leading products, each chosen with your dog in mind.

We are called ‘Canny Canines’ as the word ’Canny’ means clever, astute and wise. It isn’t really because of the North East connection where most things can be considered Canny (particularly if they are cute and furry), but we like that too! Canny Canines was established in 2010, since then our business has grown from smaller venues to our very own Dog Training Centre here in the Lovely Tyne Valley.  

We are lucky to welcome clients from near and far, and see hundreds of dogs each month, no two the same. We pride ourselves on our bespoke, positive training approach, accredited by the Kennel Club we offer the Good Citizen Award Scheme as the only training venue to offer this service in our area. We work closely with colleagues in the private and charity sectors and are delighted to be the first port of call for local vets and other agencies. Above all we love working with you and your dogs regardless of their doggy journey to us. From pups to golden oldies, rescues, assistance dogs, working dogs, pure breeds to cross breeds, they are all Canny Canines to us!

We hope you will visit us and find out what activities are planned for 2018 check out our calendar page for more information.

There are a number of Master Classes and Workshops planned, along with our annual Summer Activities Programme. We are also appearing at a number of events throughout the County with our Agility and Obedience to Music Display Teams. Our biggest event on the calendar this year is the much anticipated North East Dog Festival. There will be some 'in house' competitions in the Autumn and the Dog’s Christmas Party is one date not to be missed!