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Socialisation Out and About

Instilling etiquette in day to day real life situations

Do you have an excitable, poorly socialized, recently rescued or reactive Dog? If so Socialization Out and About is perfect for you! We meet on Tyne Green for a 2 hour calm session looking at our Dog's behaviour in a range of different situations. We show them how to tolerate scary noises like sirens or children's screams, build confidence and demonstrate good behaviour around food other dogs etc.. There are always a few surprises thrown in to allow you to practice controlling your Dog, and to help you be more prepared for unexpected events on your walks. We use positive reinforcement in a controlled environment and have had some excellent feedback from previous sessions.

We usually have 'Out & About' Sessions as part of our Summer Activities Programme over the Summer Holidays, but they can be organised for any time of the year on request.

Please consult our scheduled calendar for further information and scheduled dates.