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Puppy Socialization and Early Training

Get the foundations right for a strong and confident future!

Here at Canny Canines we aim to provide your pup with the very best early experiences in a friendly, controlled environment. Not only is it imperative that young pups meet an array of people, children and well balanced dogs but many other social situations should be encountered before the age of around 20 weeks which is when the pups brain is at its most receptive for accepting new things without question. This is known as the Socialisation Period. It is important your puppy fits into family life and knows how to behave as expected. 

The comprehensive 6 week Puppy Socialisation and Early Training course is designed to cover every aspect of puppy ownership and each of the 6 classes cover different material. Varied exercises have been devised which are all relevant to you and mimic daily situations so that when they happen in the real world, you are prepared and confident to deal with each new encounter. For example meeting and passing people/dogs and preventing your pup from jumping up on other people.

Noises which are known to terrify adult dogs (who were not introduced to them during their socialisation period) will be listened to whilst we engage with the pups to provide a positive association. Noises like Fireworks, Thunder and Lightning and Jet Planes. On completion on the six week course Puppies are invited to enroll on the very popular Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course, where they will further develop their training and socialisation skills.

We offer pre *Puppy Home Visits allowing you and your family to be prepared for your new addition. In doing so we can offer support and advice throughout this exciting and sometimes challenging time. We are very fortunate to work alongside local our vets including Scott Mitchell Veterinary Practice in Hexham to provide a comprehensive Training, Behaviour and Health Package. We can offer advice, support and training on all aspects of Puppy care including nutrition and feeding guidance. We have our own brand of Puppy and Junior Canny Canines Complete food to complement our wide selection of Adult and Senior Food, ensuring your dogs nutritional needs are met throughout the life of your dog.

We are also very excited about our new puppy pad for pre vaccination puppy socialisation puppies. Please click on the click below for more information.

Please contact us for further information on our Puppy Classes

*If you are looking to rescue or rehome a dog or are a first time dog owner we can provide a home visiting service to offer advice and support before your new arrival!