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Recall Workshop

Teach your dog to turn on a sixpence and return to you the canny canine way!

A good Recall should be the easiest thing in the world to achieve, if it is done correctly. Of course once you have a perfect recall you then have to maintain it.

The Recall should be automatic response that takes no thinking about. For example when someone says ‘Hello’ you say ‘Hello’ back automatically without pondering how you should respond.

   Teach your dogs to turn on a sixpence and return to you the Canny Canines Way! We use a combination of rewards, praise, psychology, reverse psychology and conditioning. Learn proven techniques to retrain the recall and ensure success every time. 

Whether you are teaching the recall for the first time, or improving the recall you already have,

We hold regular Recall Workshops. Please consult our calendar to book in advance.